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. she things after what happened in connecticut, government has to take action. more regulation and fewer guns. it is a tragedy and a lot of a heartbroken families right now. they need to try to fix it. jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. the number of, sides and county hasge's dropped significantly over the past year -- the number of in prince george's county has dropped significantly over the past year 35%. they're hoping to tap your dangerous criminals to capture potentially earlier. criminals a group of people living in haspart of the district been getting hit with a lot of parking tickets. we will tell you why they believe they are not the only ones at fault. also, the opening of this w ramp is making it easier for e to get around. it is clear and quiet for the overnight hours. there is a potential for a few after years of waiting, new shortcut to get out of the district is open. come our cameras right there just before the open to traffic. this is between the he weighs on either side of the anacostia river. upset aboutquite that have piled n their car. they called 7 on your side. t
allegations about the jewelry theft and about legal action against him. >> if it is negative but true, that is fair. when it is negative and untrue, that is not fair. >> she definitely told the truth. >> it might be true, it might e. >> i do not put too much weight on one bad review it over all the reviews are good. >> here is a look at some of the stories that will be making headlines this week -- lawyers for jerry sandusky will be in a pennsylvania court tomorrow. the legal team is expected to last for a new trial. sandusky was sentenced to months ago to decades behind bars. >> also in court this week -- a man accused of pushing another man inside a new york seri -- york city subway. he was charged with second- degree murder. >> the white house announced it is seeking approval of more than $60 billion in aid to rebuild after superstar and sandy. some of the big stars in music will do their part to raise money for victims. bruce springsteen billy joel, and many more will perform at madison square garden. the concert will be broadcast on tv and online. you can check out our website, w
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2